Last updated: 04 January 2020

CAPTIONMATE is currently self-funded. We are testing the application, including the testing of this document. It is important to note that You CAN NOT call 911 or emergency services with this application at this time If you are a registered user, you will be notified when CaptionMate has finalized testing and you can use it to call emergency services.

How CaptionMate Numbers work

New CaptionMate Number

After you register for CaptionMate, we will identify a new "CaptionMate Number" for you to use. You can give this number to your friends and family to call you. CaptionMate will do its best to find a localized number for you.

To place an outgoing call, use the application to say which number you wish to call. If you are using a cell phone app, the app will help you dial the number and return you to the application. If you are using a landline phone, then the app will direct you to call your new CaptionMate number from your landline; doing so will forward your call to the number you chose to call.

When someone calls your CaptionMate number, our servers will pick up the call and forward it to the phone on which you want to receive phone audio. This can be your cell phone or a landline. You can change your designated phone for answering calls at any time.

In the middle, we'll use the high audio quality to intercept the conversation, transcribe it using Speech to Text technology, and then send it to any device where you have registered the CaptionMate application. This could be the same cell phone that you receive the call on, or it could be a computer screen, tablet or other phone. The CaptionMate server does not keep any transcriptions after the call ends; the transcription is only on your local device.

Your Registered Numbers

If you are a person with a hearing disability and you use CaptionMate with one or more landline phones: CaptionMate will require you to register your ten-digit landline telephone numbers and a physical location for each landline phone that you will use with CaptionMate. This will help to ensure location information can be relayed to appropriate emergency personnel, including those closest to the caller's location, during 911 calls.

You can register multiple phone numbers with CaptionMate, and we require that you specify a registered location for each phone. You will be able to quickly and easily change that registered location when you need to by using your profile settings in the application.

It is important to note that calling 911 from a landline is always preferable to calling from a mobile phone, because landlines have registered locations that emergency personnel can more easily locate. If you are having an emergency and have a landline available, please choose to call 911 from that landline instead of your mobile phone.

Again, it is important to note that you cannot call 911 or emergency services with this application AT THIS TIME

Emergency Calling

While we are in self-funded mode you cannot call 911 or emergency services.

Make sure you are familiar with CaptionMate's procedures for updating your registered physical location, and promptly update the information if it changes.

Know any limitations of your service, and have a plan for making emergency calls in the event of a power or Internet outage. You may want to keep a TTY and traditional phone line, or install a backup power supply. Dialing 911 from a TTY remains the most reliable and fastest method of reaching emergency personnel.

Inform children, babysitters and visitors about using your TRS service and the limitations, if any, on placing emergency calls.

Complaints to the FCC

You have multiple options for filing a complaint with the FCC: